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The hall has lined floors for basketball, badminton and volleyball, but also works great for other sports such as football, handball and floorball. There are retractable bleachers for when we host basketball games and other sporting events.

Bouldering room

There is no question that climbing on walls is really attractive to young kids. Whether it be kids in the local community or those who come during our camps, a bouldering gym is an ideal activity for them, as well as many of our students and other guests who enjoy climbing.

Weightlifting & Cardio fitness room

If you’re a student, staff or guest and like to work out, then feel free to take advantage of our exercise room. Equipped with upper and lower body exercise machines, you can get a nice workout.

Multi-purpose room

At the entrance of the building there is a multi-functional room that is equipped with audio-visual equipment, a small café and snack bar, a sitting area for either café or classroom style seating, and a raised platform/stage for teaching or other group-related needs. This multi-purpose room can be used for the following:

  • A space for fellowship after a game, before working-out, or any other time throughout the day
  • A more appropriate place than our chapel for group activities
  • A second classroom when the chapel is in use and we have multiple groups on campus. The area would comfortably sit 40-50 people.
  • A much-needed meeting area for small groups. We are quite limited, especially during the Bible school, when it comes to finding different places where small groups can meet.

Locker room & Sauna

The locker rooms is equipped with showers, a small sauna and plenty of space for changing and basketball team meetings.