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Each year, churches of various denominations bring their youth to Camp Holsby for confirmation camps. Through a variety of outdoor activities, games, worship services and Bible studies, our staff give the youth an opportunity to discover and personally deal with biblical principles of faith, trust, risk and commitment – all in a challenging and safe environment.

Groups are mostly made up of 13 – 20 year-olds, who participate in our adventure-focused programming from one-day events to multi-week camp experiences. We integrate practical Bible teaching with experiential outdoor learning activities. As we communicate how Jesus Christ is relevant to our lives today, we give groups the opportunity for fun, challenge, relaxation and new friendships.

Youth Groups

No matter what church, school, or youth group you come from, we design fun, exciting programs for your groups needs. Whether you want to come for one day or up to two weeks, your youth can enjoy a variety of outdoor events, games, Bible studies, worship times and more. Through these activities, the youth are given the opportunity to discover more about God and grow deeper in a relationship with him.

Church Retreats

Camp Holsby welcomes families and churches to participate in our church retreats, which are designed for all ages and intended to encourage and edify in a fun, holiday atmosphere. Family camps typically run over the spring and summer months; length varies from 2 – 14 days.

We provide a wide range of all-age activities to help foster community and personal growth, as well as age-specific programs. We have something for everyone – those seeking physical challenges and an adrenaline rush or those simply wishing to relax. For more information about activities available to guests, check out our “What to Expect” page.


Camp Holsby opens its doors to host a variety of groups each year. Whether it be a place to have a unique summer gathering for your church or to host a one-week conference for your business, we have the option to rent out “Our Facilities” for your use. Check out our facilities page and see if Camp Holsby has what you need to host your group. Contact us and we’ll work out the rest.