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Confirmation Groups

Kick off or wrap up your confirmation course with us!

Youth Groups

Grow together as a group and get to know God deeper!

Church Retreats

Relax together, have some adventure and unify your church!


Enjoy our grounds, use our facilities and experience Småland!

The goal

We believe in having lots of fun and adventure, and particularly we love discovering God in the midst of challenging activities. Our trained and qualified staff take the time to invest in the guests who come to Camp Holsby, with an emphasis on safety and a personal touch. People thrive in our peaceful, beautiful and secluded surroundings, and are challenged and encouraged in their relationship with God. Our mission at Camp Holsby is simple – to introduce people to the living and indwelling Savior – Jesus Christ. Through our Bible teaching, enjoying our activities or taking the time to relax and be refreshed, people are changed by a personal encounter with Jesus.

6 Hectares
21 Activities
98 Beds

Who we are

Camp Holsby is part of an international Christian organization called the Torchbearers. We are one of 25 centers located in 20 different countries around the world. We are made up of a diverse, international staff team, who all share in a common experience. We have been changed by Jesus and want to serve him with our lives. We hold central the teaching of God’s Word, the Bible, as the map and guide in the journey of life. We are glad to serve as a support and encouragement to the local churches of Sweden.

Our Staff

It is our privilege as staff to invest in the lives of people the Lord brings to Camp Holsby each year. Whether it be through discussions around the campfire, opening up God’s Word together, being on the same team in capture the flag or dangling high off the ground in the ropes course, we look forward to getting to know our guests and seeing their lives impacted by Christ.

…we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well…

1. Thessalonians 2:8
Portrait of: Brad Strohm Brad Strohm Kitchen Manager
Portrait of: David Höltinger David Höltinger Camp Director
Portrait of: Elke Bierau Elke Bierau Hospitality
Portrait of: Jonathan Miller Jonathan Miller Bible School Principal
Portrait of: Luke Thomas Luke Thomas Director / Rektor
Portrait of: Omid Pasbakhsh Omid Pasbakhsh Bible Teacher
Portrait of: Nelle Driece Nelle Driece Accounting & Staff Services
Portrait of: Phil Ellison Phil Ellison Student Ministries
Portrait of: Saara Pauli Saara Pauli Office
Portrait of: Timo Gerle Timo Gerle Maintenance
Portrait of: Tobias Schnizler Tobias Schnizler Maintenance
Portrait of: Volunteers Volunteers